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Life with Depression and Anxiety

Life with Depression and Anxiety. Personal experience is the best reference anyone can have when it comes to living life, and dealing with the cards it hands to an individual. Life with depression and anxiety is hard for anyone. Not only for the individual, but also hard for those close loved ones involved in their… Continue reading Life with Depression and Anxiety

In the home

10 cleaning Habits for Cleaner looking house

What do I do when I need to get motivated and start to cleaning up?  When its time to do my daily cleaning, I put the toddler to bed put some music on and make a list. I am constantly making lists for EVERYTHING, I find it makes what I need to do official. To… Continue reading 10 cleaning Habits for Cleaner looking house

Self Care & Beauty

Ipsy Review

I have been a member of Ipsy for just over a year now, I absolutely love it! Some products that I have received I've fallen in love with. On the other hand I have received some products that I don't like at all, that's why it is important to constantly change your beauty preferences. Make sure… Continue reading Ipsy Review

General Lifestyle, Projects

Setting Achievable Goals

To set achievable goals, its best to break them down. If you have one smaller goal then try thinking of a bigger goal that this one one could lead up to. Always have  goal to achieve. If you have a span of time without a goal to work towards then you may loose the motivation… Continue reading Setting Achievable Goals


Why I always pick the flowers.

how I view a part of the world, and learn a simple art project with flowers  Everywhere I go I always pick the flowers, leaves, vines, and at the odd time I find a perfect (already dead) butterfly. In the fall I collect bright colored or even the dark red leaves. Don't worry the only… Continue reading Why I always pick the flowers.

General Lifestyle

Living, more than a Lifestyle.

  Living isn't just perusing a specific type of lifestyle. It's not just to have life but it is your characteristics, hobbies, interests, vitality and what makes YOU happy, to do what makes life livable. What is lifestyle? When talking about a lifestyle you know its a way a person or group of people live.… Continue reading Living, more than a Lifestyle.