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Dreading the Daydream

why would I dread a daydream?  There is no such thing in my mind as a "normal daydream".   Have you ever sat there and go off into space and daydream about awesome things you wish you could do? Or daydream about how things can be in the future?   When I was young I… Continue reading Dreading the Daydream

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Life with Depression and Anxiety

Life with Depression and Anxiety. Personal experience is the best reference anyone can have when it comes to living life, and dealing with the cards it hands to an individual. Life with depression and anxiety is hard for anyone. Not only for the individual, but also hard for those close loved ones involved in their… Continue reading Life with Depression and Anxiety


The Thoughts Behind “How Does It Feel To Be A Mother?”

I can't even count how many times I have been asked this. The answer is always the same, "oh its amazing and wonderful" and we leave it at that. It's not like I am going to say man it is hard as hell, I swear this child could be a little tiny she-devil at times. But… Continue reading The Thoughts Behind “How Does It Feel To Be A Mother?”

General Lifestyle

Dealing With The Unforgettable

It is time to tell my story, and show how I dealt with these unforgettable things. This how I discovered  some of the hardest things people go through in life. Dealing with it is another part of healing.     TRIGGER WARNING TO THOSE SENSITIVE TO ABUSE.  It is time to talk about those unforgettable… Continue reading Dealing With The Unforgettable