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My name is Tanisha, I have a vast understanding of life and what it can throw at you, from this I have learned what we can do with all the curves and rocks life throws at us. Yes i still have much to learn, but I have much to share at the same time.

Let’s Talk Lifestyle is more than just talking lifestyle. It’s about everything involved in everyday life, from parenting, dates, cleaning, DIY decor, travel, list printable’s and so much more! In the future I will be hosting art classes and provide printable lessons.

There is just so much to talk and write about! How could someone choose just one? I won’t, because I can talk about multiple topics. I love to make lists, draw, write, take walks, and above all I have a thing for helping everyone I possibly can. There is no better way to do so than writing a blog. It can reach so many people and help them in so many different ways. I have always been about helping anyone who needed help, but ignoring my own needs at the same time. But here I am helping you while also focusing on bettering myself.

This is a very short version of my life story with lots of missing important aspects. But it’s for the best for certain parts to be left out.

I have so much life experience and I am only 22 years old. I grew up with 3 brothers and a single mother (for the most part). As a child we moved around so much. Originally I am from British Columbia, but I don’t remember much of it to be honest. Just vague memories.  To keep it a bit short I’ll just say we went from B.C to Aylmer, Quebec (a four day bus ride) to Quyon, Quebec then to Shawville, Quebec. All while in these areas we were forced to be in a french school system, as completely English it was super hard to make friends. After Shawville we moved to a cute little town in Bryson, Quebec where my mom married.

After a few years they decided we should move back to British Columbia. This decision ruined us, we moved to Chilliwack, B.C. That’s where everything went downhill, I made the wrong friends, step dad couldn’t find a job, and mom couldn’t work either. All 6 of us lived in a small trailer home near my great grandmother. We relied on the food bank and donations.

Everyone was miserable. so we moved again to Ottawa, Ontario. This time we were homeless, we got accepted into a family homeless shelter where we lived for months, almost a year. The school I went to was horrible, I had no friends and was teased very badly. From there we moved to Arnprior, Ontario that’s where I got into the wrong crowd and started partying and smoking marijuana, staying out all night (I was 14) I was stealing and constantly lying to everyone around me.

My mom and her husband split up at this point, not long after she introduced a new man into our lives. This ruined us even more. This man split up our family, kicked my older brother out to Pembroke, Ontario. He was new out of jail, he encouraged my bad behavior. He smoked with me and my friends, and eventually he started selling drugs, and it was not small amounts. With him I learned how to run business and make hash (me being 15 at this point) Now we moved to Ottawa, Ontario.

In Ottawa I was the bad influence, smoking drugs and cigarettes all day everyday, stealing and helping aid in my moms boyfriends “sales”. He also started dealing heavier stuff behind my mother’s back. He was extremely verbally abusive and scared all of us. He didn’t care about anyone else. We fled from him going back into the same homeless shelter we were before. But this time they didn’t have room for us in the actual building so we were moved from various hotels and motels in Ottawa.

At this point I am 16 years old. going to a new school again! Being the bad influence again. By the end of the year I started to get my act together and I cut down my weed intake dramatically. I also started playing football with a local team and things were going well, until we moved again. We got a placement in another area of Ottawa where I would have to go to another new school.

This time I wasn’t as bad as I was previously. I was still smoking weed and cigarettes yes but I wasn’t drinking and partying or lying anymore. And then we ended up going back to the homeless shelter because we could keep up with bills. Not long after this I started modeling, but we met people who were really bad for me. I started gambling, and smoking everyday again. I didn’t graduate school, tried an alternative school but didn’t continue it.

Finally we got a good offer for a place in Kanata, Ontario (Ottawa) This was the beginning of good for me. I finished school, stopped drinking, got a job, became super fit and continued my modeling. Not long after I got my job I met the best man ever. He is my rock today. He helped me quit my habits when I learned I was pregnant I stopped smoking almost instantly. At the beginning of my pregnancy I almost died due to severe sepsis, for which the causes are still unknown but we pulled through after a week in the hospital and here we are.

At 22 we have a beautiful baby, a home and a great future ahead of us.

I have learned that life goes on, no matter what it throws at you and how you take it. I took my experiences and made myself better, I took them as lessons to learn from and build my life from. A lesson that I can teach my kin without them having to experience all of it themselves. They will live better, be raised better, and experience better.

There is so much not mentioned in this bio, as these topics are very triggering to myself as well as some readers. Eventually when I get brave I will be posting blogs about those things and how I coped with them.



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