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Dreading the Daydream

why would I dread a daydream?  There is no such thing in my mind as a "normal daydream".   Have you ever sat there and go off into space and daydream about awesome things you wish you could do? Or daydream about how things can be in the future?   When I was young I… Continue reading Dreading the Daydream

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Life with Depression and Anxiety

Life with Depression and Anxiety. Personal experience is the best reference anyone can have when it comes to living life, and dealing with the cards it hands to an individual. Life with depression and anxiety is hard for anyone. Not only for the individual, but also hard for those close loved ones involved in their… Continue reading Life with Depression and Anxiety

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Tent Camping with a Toddler

Usually someone would cringe at the thought of tent camping, and then adding a toddler into the mix? Must be some sort of crazy! It isn’t as hard as it may sound, of course with the right precautions put into place. Please note that these are only suggestions, I am at no fault if anything… Continue reading Tent Camping with a Toddler

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Setting Achievable Goals

To set achievable goals, its best to break them down. If you have one smaller goal then try thinking of a bigger goal that this one one could lead up to. Always have  goal to achieve. If you have a span of time without a goal to work towards then you may loose the motivation… Continue reading Setting Achievable Goals

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Dealing With The Unforgettable

It is time to tell my story, and show how I dealt with these unforgettable things. This how I discovered  some of the hardest things people go through in life. Dealing with it is another part of healing.     TRIGGER WARNING TO THOSE SENSITIVE TO ABUSE.  It is time to talk about those unforgettable… Continue reading Dealing With The Unforgettable

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Living, more than a Lifestyle.

  Living isn't just perusing a specific type of lifestyle. It's not just to have life but it is your characteristics, hobbies, interests, vitality and what makes YOU happy, to do what makes life livable. What is lifestyle? When talking about a lifestyle you know its a way a person or group of people live.… Continue reading Living, more than a Lifestyle.