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Dreading the Daydream

why would I dread a daydream? 

There is no such thing in my mind as a “normal daydream”.


Have you ever sat there and go off into space and daydream about awesome things you wish you could do? Or daydream about how things can be in the future?


When I was young I had a  daydream all the time about being able to fight well, doing flips, finding valuables and of course kissing a crush. As time went on my daydreams became violent and frightening. Possible situations would arise in my imagination and show me the wort possible outcome (which was usually death)

The very first time I ever had a daydream like this I was sitting in the backseat of a car and I would picture myself holding out a long sharp object cutting everything that we passed. This including trees, houses, and yes people. These images in my head became me gazing into nothing and dreaming that we would get into an accident and clearly as if it was happening at that point see my family die.


When you are a child and start to see things like this, you are probably going to feel nuts. I know I did. I never even told anyone until recently in my adult years. As an adult these daydreams became worse and even more bothersome. They became a huge nuisance and trigger for my anxiety and depression, because I would have these daydreams about my pregnancy and also bad things that could have happened to my daughter after she was born.


Kicking these daydreams to the curb.


Now dont get me wrong, I have no idea how to NOT have these daydreams.

I do however know that when i’m in the middle of one I talk myself out of it by telling myself how unrealistic, silly or unlikely it really is.

My next step to kicking these daydreams to the curb is to speak to my doctor and a psychologist to see what my options are.

Even though I am able to talk myself out of these dreams, they still leave me feeling horrible, anxious and depressed.


How do you cope with daymares? you can comment or email me your answer <3


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