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Get into a Motivation Habit!

Get into a Motivation Habit. 

Do you feel Motivated? Do you have trouble with Motivation? yeah so did I!


It is not one or the other. 

Motivation is something you need to hold on to, you cant just one day decide to be motivated and another day decide not to be. Its one or the other! either you stay motivated or you dont. When you meet motivated individuals its usually a daily thing for them, its just a way they live. On the other hand you meet someone is no way motivated and usually isn’t in their day to day lives.

Now dont get me wrong I am not calling out the un-motivated and hating on them! I was this un-motivated individual as well. A few years ago i was super motivated, gym daily , eating healthy(er) and drawing on the regular. The last few years ( about 2 ) I have had NO motivation what so ever! its so hard on a person to not have that derive to be the best they can be.

When you have lost your motivation, or even haven’t found it yet, dont worry. It will come to you. Maybe you need a little kick start, or a fire cracker under your ass. Perhaps even a buddy to help. Motivation is at the base of everything we do. Every time we go out, clean, paint, draw, write, even to go to work takes a little to a lot of motivation.

When I first had the habit of motivating myself I just wanted it. It felt good to be my best! Now Its actually pretty hard to get back into that habit. I became tired of moping around doing nothing, (not even doing what I love!!!)

What can we do to help us kick start this habit?

Write a list

when you write your list Think of things you already do on a daily basis, that is a great start. Start everyday writing this list, include things you would normally do on a daily basis.  When adding those usual daily things onto your list you are more likely to do the other things on your list as well.

This is how I started my motivational habit. I went from just winging it everyday not getting much done around the house, to making lists daily and getting everything on that list done.

What to include in this list?

  • cleaning
  • meal prep
  • walk
  • exercise
  • reading
  • artwork
  • bath time or shower reminder ( i’m pointing at you fellow moms 😛 )

There are lots of things you can add onto this list. you can even go a step further and create a weekly list, better yet get a planner/agenda and plan way ahead of time.

Here is an example of what my daily list looks like today:

  • Dishes / Clean kitchen
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Blog post (Motivation)
  • Clean bathroom mirror
  • Clean toilet
  • Exercise = Dance with Avery (my daughter)
  • Promote blog post
  • New recipe for dinner
  • Put away folded laundry
  • Make bed

As you can see I dont write it in order to how I will actually go about it. That is a matter of preference.

Need help getting motivated just to start the day like I do? 

These few changes in morning will help to get motivated.

(For the ladies,) throw on a bra. you dont have to get fully dressed if you dont want to. I have found personally that when I put a sports bra while  I am still in my pajamas helps me to get motivated for my day.  

Get yourself dressed, children too if any. 

Get up early. Recently I have decided I wanted to start walking in the morning while my hubby gets ready for work. Well jumping into it was not the answer since I am not used to being up at 4:30 in the morning. Instead I am waking up every morning with him until I get into the habit of it. Once that habit is in motion I will start to walk. 

COFFEEEE (zombie voice) I love my coffee! There is no such thing as a morning without one. 

Wait 12 hours after dinner to eat breakfast. I know weird right? but the first day I got up super early and waited until my daughter woke to eat. I felt good, and even more awake than when I would eat right away with my coffee. 

Personalize it

When it comes to personal motivation, you need to make it PERSONAL. When your waking up in the morning think of things that motivate you. What gets you up in the morning and out of bed? what helps you wake up? Everyone has a personal spin on how they kick start their motivational habit. No one knows you like you do, so who better to kick start it than you?

What you read here is my personalized way of doing it. another touch I added was putting plants in the house, it helped with my depression as well as helped motivate me to keep them alive. A key contributor in my motivational habit- my baby girl. She keeps me on my toes, keeps up a mess for me to take of 😛 and well… we both need to be fed.


There are so many ways you can personalize it, but you wont know whats fits unless you try it right?

Go on, get outa here and get motivated <3

If you would like some cleaning tips to help kick start your habit of keeping the house clean, check this out!  10 cleaning Habits for Cleaner looking house

Thanks everyone! Let me know how you get motivated! id love to hear it 🙂

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