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10 cleaning Habits for Cleaner looking house

What do I do when I need to get motivated and start to cleaning up? 

When its time to do my daily cleaning, I put the toddler to bed put some music on and make a list. I am constantly making lists for EVERYTHING, I find it makes what I need to do official. To be honest I like cleaning… yeah I know weird right?! 

Before I start to list off all these tips, I would like to mention that it is ok to have a day to do nothing. Cleaning every single day is tiring and makes it super redundant.  This is one reason why I dont have a schedule to keep. When it comes to cleaning I make my list in the morning while I drink my coffee. That way the day is always different and the weeks are never than same. 

Another important part to keeping on track is put your phone away while cleaning. If your like me you will get distracted and find yourself scrolling and reading for who knows how long. Now have to wait to clean because the toddler is awake. On the other hand you may (also like me) use your phone for music. If that’s the case just put it off to the side and make sure you have a playlist that you dont need to skip songs on. 

Now i’m done blabbing, lets get to this list eh?


1:   Wash your walls.

You never realize how much of a difference cleaning your walls actually makes. You dont look at them as closely, but when you do you see that there are scuff marks, hand prints, finger prints, food smudges and Cobb webs collecting everywhere.

A tip for washing the walls…. dont use a colored cloth! …. yes I did … with a red cloth … lets say I had pink walls. ANYWAY you dont need cleaner for this. Just water! once and a while I will use the left over disinfectant cleaner at the bottom of my wipes container to make it a bit more fresh.                                            Trust me if you have white walls, wiping them makes a difference. 

2:   Clean under the cabinets & hood fan above stove

I never thought of this until recently. I was washing some dishes and noticed that the bottom of my cabinets were really dirty. Once I washed them I felt the kitchen had a sense of glow it didn’t have before. That’s when I realized that I haven’t cleaned the hood fan since we moved in…. Yeah it was so greasy and pretty gross. So I used dish soap to clean it up and get the grease off while soaking the metal filter for the fan in the sink. Now i’m proud of how my kitchen looks. 

3:   Dust regularly 

Dusting is sooo important! I dust as often as I sweep. it helps keep the house looking sharp, clean, maintained, and helps with making the air better in the home as well. 

I literally dust everything, desk top, computer (front and back), game systems, t.v (front and back), air conditioner, fans, pictures and painting on the walls, bigger toddler toys, window sills and bathroom mirror. There may be even more once and a while if I find dust anywhere else. 

4:   Wipe all the doors (both sides)

If you have white doors that its the same as the white walls, it makes a really big difference once you get close and wipe off the residue of hands touching the same spots over and over again. 

5:   Clean kitchen daily

Cleaning the kitchen daily, even more than once keeps the kitchen looking nice and fresh, it smells good and also saves time to do other things instead of standing there cleaning a day or two worth of dishes. 

6:   Clear off table tops, counter tops, dressers and desks

I have always put stuff on my table that didn’t belong there. counter tops were usually full of kitchen things that could have a place in cupboards.One day I decided to dedicate a day to organize myself. All the paperwork, mail, child toys, sunglasses, and work stuff was all put away to a dedicated spot. Same thing with those kitchen counter tops. I am so glad that I did this, it really kick started my dedication to these cleaning habits. 

7:   Clean entry way mat

This makes a huge difference. I was half ass cleaning mine leaving it still looking dirty. I fully washed it and it made my entryway wayyyy more welcoming. 

8:   Wash baseboards and window sills

I didn’t realize how much of an impact baseboards have on the look of a home when they aren’t being cleaned. Windows sills are the same. When I cleaned them I saw an immediate change in the house, the floors even looked cleaner because of it. 

9:   Keep jackets and outer wear put away

Another thing I was super bad for, especially in the winter. Finally I made it a habit to put coats and sweaters away where they belong and voila! The cluttered look was eliminated. Amazing! 

10:  Sweep regularly (at least every 2nd day)

I sweet at least every 2nd day, I hate having dirty floors. It looks bad, it feels bad, and it makes dust. If you have animals… oh the hair… and the litter(if you have cats) So it does make the house look fresher but it gives me my kick start to the cleaning list for the day. (after the kitchen is done of course)


So as you can see, its literally the little things that can make a big difference. A couple more to add if your looking for a little more

Vacuum once a week. clean windows when needed.   Clean bathroom mirror regularly.   Keep toys tidy.   Don’t keep all the toys in the living space.   Keep Pictures and painting straight.    Make bed daily.   Keep up with laundry.   Fold laundry and put away in the same day.   Relax.  

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