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Ipsy Review

I have been a member of Ipsy for just over a year now, I absolutely love it! Some products that I have received I’ve fallen in love with. On the other hand I have received some products that I don’t like at all, that’s why it is important to constantly change your beauty preferences. Make sure once you receive your Ipsy bag to review the bag and the individual products. This way they can personalize it even more for you.

Even though I don’t do my makeup often, my collection looks like I’m a pro that does makeup all the time. Thanks to Ipsy I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars a month on makeup. Its a great way to see what you like and what you don’t like before committing to a big purchase.

So back to the review of the products from Ipsy that I absolutely love.

These products range from hair masks, oils, facial masks, makeup, cleansers and of course the makeup brushes! The images included here are all of my favorites so far.

You can never have too many makeup brushes! I love them. I have never bought a brush from a store, all of them came from Ipsy. The quality is great, they are soft and even have instructions on the site or app on what to use them for.

One of my favorite products I have received from Ipsy is this hair mask, NEON&CO Hair and Scalp mask.

I have died super light blond hair so it can be really dry. This product is AMAZING!! It makes my hair so smooth, soft and silky. It doesn’t weigh down the hair either. My hair looks and feels amazing. I wish I had before and after photos to show you but here is the product itself. I highly suggest this if you have dry or damaged hair.


Makeup wise I have received sooo many great products. Most colors I love love love!  When I say most it is because I recently changed my beauty preference to be adventurous.. bad idea hahaha. I’ll stick to my neutrals and purples.


I love liquid lipsticks, but only the matte ones that stay for hours. The ones I have received are amazing colors that I would have chosen myself if at a  store. Now that I know I like these colors I will for sure buy them in store.

For highlighter and blushes / bronzers, they are all great! Great color, amazing pigment, and great quality; the brands are super as well.

Mascara is a hit and miss depending on your preferences. I don’t like thick eyelashes but I like length, I received one from Ipsy that I absolutely love and will be buying a full size one. its called Makeup Forever, Extensive Lash.

Their eye-shadows usually are great, some can be powdery but that’s fine. The colors are always super nice and pigmented.

The masks that I received range from mud masks, peel offs, and sheet masks. I love them all! My favourites are the great smelling mud masks.Z

I cant speak from a pro perspective on beauty, but as a regular mom who likes to do her makeup once and a while this subscription is awesome. The customer service is awesome as well from my experience.

I am not an affiliate of Ipsy, and wont receive any kind of compensation if you decide to try them out. I am just simply showing the love.

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