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Setting Achievable Goals

To set achievable goals, its best to break them down. If you have one smaller goal then try thinking of a bigger goal that this one one could lead up to. Always have  goal to achieve. If you have a span of time without a goal to work towards then you may loose the motivation and ambition when you eventually decide to start a new one. 

A goal should be well planned out, here is a link to a free printable layout you can use to help figure out and set future goals. from smaller to larger and even life goals. 

When setting your goal I would suggest following the abbreviation SMART, I will write it out below for you for the meaning, it will also be included on the printable. 




What is the main goal? 


Be realistic with the goal and the timeline.


Don’t give yourself a goal you know you can’t achieve. 


Is the goal relevant to what you want in your future?


Give a reasonable time frame to complete the goal, don’t rush it.


Not only is it important to think of the SMART technique, but its also important to actually write them out. It makes them real and tangible.Make sure to write out goals and the plan to get there. 

Why do you want to achieve this goal?

Set your achievement deadline a good pace for yourself, don’t rush it. It’s better to to have it done right in time than to have something go wrong when rushing it.   

Like I mentioned above, you should always have a goal to achieve. The reason I am repeating this is because I feel this is very important, especially if you have trouble with motivation in general. 

Beat the procrastination. how? 

How about you listen to music (always helps me for house cleaning), collaborate with someone, do an exercise, to motivate yourself, give yourself a daily task, if you are like me, make a list. (i’m always making lists). 

Choosing your goals and setting them isn’t just about wanting something and figuring out how to get it. It’s about changing some of the patterns you live by, or changing a way you do something to improve your life. You need to have a change to achieve the change you wish to accomplish with each goal you set. 

The changes you make are forever when achieving a goal, it’s not temporary or you will be stuck in a constant loop to continuously achieve the same goal. Now that isn’t going to get you anywhere anytime soon, right? 

Make sure you want to have this change 100% before you even start to commit to it. it’s alright to change your mind, even if you have already started and decide its not for you. In that case just right up a new goal that you feel fits you.


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