Why I always pick the flowers.

how I view a part of the world, and learn a simple art project with flowers 

Everywhere I go I always pick the flowers, leaves, vines, and at the odd time I find a perfect (already dead) butterfly. In the fall I collect bright colored or even the dark red leaves. Don’t worry the only time I pick out of a persons garden is when I have gotten permission to do so. I have been doing this for a very long time now, I was maybe 10 when I started.

It started with me finding a a perfectly intact diseased monarch butterfly on the road. I decided to keep this butterfly, placing in in a book for safe keeping. At that time I didn’t know what I was even going to do with it. When I look back, it was just a collection idea. Now its so much more that that, its a way to reflect, and to open your mind to really see the true beauty in things. It also helps to open your creative mind. This year is the first year of many that my daughter and myself will go out picking tulips at the tulip festival. this is going to be a tradition for us.


Why, do you ask I do it?

like I mentioned before, when I was younger it was just a collection idea. I never had an actual plan for any of the dry flat plants in my book, including my butterfly. Now I keep the cuttings and put them in those same books to be flattened or I hang them to dry in a dark closet to keep their color. I will leave them anywhere from days to months to even years without touching them.

It takes time to build a good collection for the art project I will be showing you. keep in mind the plants dont always dry the way you want them to. Once I have enough and I get an idea of what to do then i will create a garden scene in a deep picture frame. (I will have a sample image below.) I do have other ideas of what to do with them. Once I try them out I will share the project with you.

This isn’t only an art project, nor is it just a collection but rather, it’s meant to help with my mental well being as well. Someone may see a flower that is just dying, or something pretty to display or something to give as a gift. I see it a bit differently, I see the beauty of life. That flower gave life, pollen, seeds, purity and beauty to this world. It’s the same for every other plant or even living creature for that matter. Keeping these in mind you can help yourself see the better side of nature and see the real beauty in how it all works together. Even become more down to earth and relax while enjoying the beauty.

The project.

Below, i’m showing you the project I mentioned above. I went out with my daughter and picked some tulips to do this project. The tulips didn’t dry as I had hoped but I used them anyway as they have a cool look to them.

I cut the flowers and prepared them to be hung to dry. When hanging flowers be sure to have them upside down and in a dry dark place. The dark will help them to keep their color. As the flowers are drying you can find a plain wood or already painted wood deep picture frame. You can paint the frame or leave it. The same goes with the background. Its completely personal to you. You can even use a printed background if you prefer.

Here as you can see I chose to paint my background.


Here is the picture frame I chose. Make sure the glass is at the front on the frame to ensure space.


Once the flowers are dry, cut them to preference and place them to where you want them within the frame. Once your satisfies with their placement, take a hot glue gun and glue them in place.


There you have you’re finished dried flower garden. You can hang on your wall or put on your desk. its also great as a gift.


Thank you for reading! I hope you try out this super awesome and yet simple art project. its definitely one of my favorites. I love it and know you will too!

If you have any suggestions please do share with me either by email or leave a comment. You can find my email in the contact section.

Tanisha Bradford

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