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Living, more than a Lifestyle.


imageLiving isn’t just perusing a specific type of lifestyle. It’s not just to have life but it is your characteristics, hobbies, interests, vitality and what makes YOU happy, to do what makes life livable.

What is lifestyle?

When talking about a lifestyle you know its a way a person or group of people live. That’s only part of everyday living, not what makes it happily livable. You may have hobbies that don’t fit into your lifestyle by the “description” of it.

Everyone is different.

Everyone lives differently. Even if you live similar lifestyles, they are never the same. People have different views from one another, different hobbies, interests, views, opinions, beliefs on lifestyles and general living.

I like to think that I live more than one lifestyle and definitely have parts of my life that I love that don’t particularly fit into the lifestyle I live, but I’m happy about how its going. I have recently started to just live the way I want to. I am going to be going back into my fitness and health lifestyle, while at the same time living the tired and sometimes lazy mom. But I will always bake, continue my art, and dance around in my living like a fool when cleaning.

It’s OK to change it up. 

A person’s lifestyle can change from time to time, but the things that you do to make life happily livable don’t usually change. You don’t have to stick to one lifestyle, let it change if you want it to, live more than one if you want to, but most importantly, live the way YOU feel HAPPIEST, that’s all that matters!

It’s not about becoming the best in everyone else’s eyes, but to be the best in your OWN eyes. Everyone has a different perspective on what the best is. So even if you are hardcore into fitness but love baking sweets, DO IT! The whole point is to love yourself and to love your life. Only you can make yourself truly love the life you live and enjoy the lifestyle you choose.


Live more than just the lifestyle <3

Tulip Fest, Ottawa
Walking along the canal, enjoying the sunny day and taking in the beauty. (This is my image. )


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